Mighty Roadsters!

Uma-arte, este... Uma-outfit shot :))

Top - I love one-of-a-kind pieces, like this low-necked sweatshirt that has "Mighty Roadsters" printed on it in purple. I bought this years ago at Ukay-Ukay :P So you know how cheap this one must have been, I think this was only P180! Woot woot! And since it hangs a little low, you can wear it as one-sided off-shoulder to elongate the neck and to create balance against the full-sleeves, to avoid looking too covered :)

Bag - A black faux-leather with gold clasp shoulder bag is so basic that every girl must have one :) This is my go-to bag for almost any outfit because it can go for casual and not-so-casual hang outs with friends. I even use this in the office, and you can adjust the straps if you want it to hang like a body bag or a good-ol' trusty shoulder bag :)

Belt - This one's a gift from my friend, and it took us awhile to know how to use this belt! Because it doesn't have a buckle and holes in it like 90% of the belt populace. Instead, it has two ring buttons. And that's it. Apparently it was meant to be twisted all the way to the other side and the 2 ring buttons are there to hold it in place! Pretty cool, right? And since it doesn't have a bulky buckle and it is quite thin, it's easier to move around -- perfect for a good scrunch on the waist area when your top ends up being a size bigger than you are.

Skirt - Tiangge find! Bought this bright red bodycon skirt at Greenhills for p120! Lol! Since my top was already quite big, I needed to balance it with this skirt so my look doesn't end up loose and lousy. :) 

Peep toes - To match my skirt, I used this red polka-dots peep toes, from Shoes Made for Walking :P Love your own! Hehe!

French tip with a twist - new nails! Went for a kikay turn with the classic french tip by using pale pink as my base. Another reason why I opted to go for peep toes with my footwear is because peep toes are the newly-pedicured nails' best friend! :)

For this look, I tried incorpating a semi-rebel look with something girly. I learned that you don't really have to be confined to just one style. Just as long as you're comfortable with what you're wearing and you can still say that the look is "so me!", it's just a matter of matching key pieces and creating balance. :)

What do you think?

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