Long weekend highlights!

Oh! The glee that a 3-day weekend brings! :)

Honestly though, I would've wanted to have a weekend getaway, but I wasn't able to plan on time :( So I am soooo looking forward to doing one of my favorite things in the next few months: travel!

So for this long weekend, I spent it balancing exercising, eating, sleeping and catching up on new movies and tv series.

In short, chillllaaaaax lang muna tayo. :P

Thursday: Smurfed!

How cute was this movie??! :P Loved it! Didn't catch the first but this one was such a great way to cap off the work week.

Saw this last Thursday night and with the characters' quirky personalities and the movie's good-natured plot, this movie is a must watch for both young and young at hearts:

Friday: Zumba!
Yaay to happy group classes like this! I guess I already found the class that I will to the gym for every week :) Zumba is such a great way to have fun while sweating like crazy.

While dancing to the rhythm of "Dancing Queen" and "Sexy and I Know It", Zumba takes a festive turn to the dance workout landscape. 

It sometimes feel like your dancing with the flash mob :) 

Saturday: Foodie experience at La Creperie!

Yesterday was such a foodie highlight day and I just wanted to share this new find with you:

It was our first time to dine here and there were so many foodie gems to go back to. Meeting and chatting with the co-owner, Christine, made the experience more personal. There is so much story behind every business endeavor and La Creperie has more of that to tell. Will let you in on that soon on my next post :)

Loved their new branch at New Manila, La Creperie Boheme, which is like stepping into a room and immediately being surrounded by the world's greatest minds and talents. With Pablo Neruda's quote on the wine stand, famous kiss photograph by Robert Doisneau on the wall and books by the likes of Murakami on the book corner... La Creperie is a find that uplifts both the body and the soul. :)

Speaking of uplifting the body and the soul, today is Sunday and will go to church service in a bit. :)

Hope everyone was recharged with the long weekend! Ciao for now!