Life's Bullet Points

Hi guys! Things are a little better this week! But here some just some thoughts: ideas on change, words, food and friends. :)

Life's bullet points for me for the week :) Feel free to share yours too and I'd love to hear of your ideas on these reflections! :)

  • Change can be a good thing
These past 2 months, there had been many changes that scared me, that made me want to bolt straight out the door to search for greener pastures. But this past week, I realized that change can actually be a good thing. Sometimes, those are there to mold you into a better person and to make things better. (And those are 2 different things.)

Someone told me this week that a couple of months is not really enough for you to get a feel of the place. You need to stay for a little while longer to see what is happening and whether you see yourself growing in it. I am not sure whether he is just pulling my leg with that piece of advice, but it makes sense. :)

Sometimes we get too scared to stay put where we are when we see that everyone seemed to have moved on, but maybe staying put is God's way of letting us grow.

  • Don't follow your heart, lead your heart
As much as I would love to follow my heart, I know that it does not make the best decisions. So I learn that before I go with what my heart is telling me, I should tell my heart where to go and who to follow. In this case and in every other case, it's Jesus.

AND that is no walk in the park, which leads us to the next bullet point...

  • Being surrounded by a great group of people is sometimes the support that you need

I just feel blessed with the people around me. Maybe God hasn't blessed us with tons of material wealth, but look around us and see those smiling and encouraging faces... and mehn, WE ARE RICH! Hehe! I have great support and technology has helped a lot with that - FB, Viber, text. It's there to keep you connected.

  • Don't compare your growth to those around you, mind your own growth!
Waaah! I am particularly guilty of this. I keep looking around and feel bad when everyone else is growing at such fast pace, and ask myself: "What is going on?? How about me, Lord?" :(

But stop comparing yourself to others, and compare yourself to yourself years ago. Ask yourself the hard questions and be honest enough to answer them. That is what I am trying to get a hold of lately. Hehe! I am not there yet, but I know that it is a struggle that I have to win over.

  • Give in to little indulges that make your eye twinkle (and your tummy bigger)

My appetite has been like a roller coaster these past 2 weeks -- dependent on my health and my gym routine (Yezz, that is still happening :P)

What I lack for in appetite last week, I more than made up for this week. I just kept stuffing my face every few hours. Whether it's the Dunkin Donuts' munchkins, Potato Corner's Cheese-flavored fries, or Chef Tony's popcorn... where they are, I'm there! Haha!

But this week, since I will not be able to go to the gym (sniffles alert here!), I will behave myself :) But those goodies are all sweet fun. I just remember reveling at God's idea to let us experience different tastes & textures with the food -- God is good. :)

  • Don't be scared with words
For the past months since I started running this blog, I have constantly been on my toes in making sure my posts are peppered with pictures to make it enticing. lol. And I have also monitored my daily traffic. Hehe!

While it is good to make the post entertaining, I have to remind myself that it has to be relevant and enriching.

I sometimes forget that.

But words are good -- words heal, move and inspire. Words are powerful.

THAT I will try to do and write more of with this platform :)

Duly noted, life. :)