La Creperie Boheme: Where Sweet & Savory Meet

When I came in La Creperie Boheme to have my brunch fix two Saturdays ago, I was quick to smile at the table of yuppies who smiled at my direction.

I thought they were friends with Christine, the co-owner of this lovely resto, so I armed myself with an easy smile that seemed a little awkward at first, but was nonetheless sincere.

That was the first sign that this was going to be a different-sort of dining experience. :)

Community that is La Creperie
Christine came to tell us a little later that that was how she wanted it to be --for La Creperie to be a warm community that welcomes people from different walks of life.

What I first thought was a sosyal crepe place was totally not the scene as I took in the interior just bursting with color and energy, the cozy chairs, even the tricycles and pedicabs outside added all the more to what the La Creperie brand was all about. It wasn't there to stand out and be all-snooty, but rather to fit in the neighborhood and be part of a community.

Trivia: Two Christines head up La Creperie, so when you take a peek at their menu, you will see some items named after Christine. As best friends turned business partners, they initially ran Big Chill for nine years! Cool, eh? And now they're focusing all efforts in La Creperie.

Going Boheme!
La Creperie Boheme is their 5th branch in the Metro. Having just started in 2009, we're just happy with the pace that they're growing, with the aim to keep spreading the La Creperie love! <3

Conveniently located at New Manila, their newest branch is much like stepping into a room and immediately being surrounded by the world's greatest minds and talents.

With Pablo Neruda's quote on the wine stand, famous kiss photograph by Robert Doisneau on the wall and books by the likes of Murakami on the book corner... La Creperie is a foodie find that just embraces you with warmth and happy vibes.

And of course, let's not forget the amazing cooking! One of the perks of dining with the owner, is that as first timers looking at a French menu, we can immediately ask for help on what to order. Christine was even generous enough to let us try the new items on their menu!



Consider these the chef's recommendations:

French Onion Soup (P185)
Amazingly, I didn't know the authentic way of cooking this is to top it with Gruyere cheese and with a generous amount of onion that balances with the watery texture of the soup :D Perfect for a rainy day like today! :) 

Croque Madame with Egg (P295)
Comfort food for me looks like THIS. Croque is basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with Gruyere cheese. It originated in French bars and cafes and is a quick-snack item. Best served with egg if you want something heavier and a side salad to taper off all the carbs and dairy taste :)

Tapa Crepe!
Looking for a new way to eat your tapa? Why not try their new item, Tapa Crepe! So yummy because they use premium Angus beef for this. I like the little crunch of the tapa and the thin crepe was just the right balance. :)

Amatriciana (P245)
Yes girls and boys, they have pasta! May seem like your ordinary red-sauce pasta, but this one has a little kick of spice to it and has bacon bits that add flavor and a little twist to the usual.

Four-cheese Crepe with Arugula
Interesting fact: Crepes are served in France open-faced like the one above! This four-cheese crepe made of buckwheat flour is another new item on their menu :) And yes, you have to eat the arugula because it complements the strong taste of cheese. What I also appreciate about La Creperie's dishes is how everything  on your plate plays a part on the dish as a whole. It's the little details that makes the experience more than just eating, but it's truly dining -- the French way. :)

TWG tea selection!
Before the buzz has gotten around this tea brand, La Creperie was first to offer TWG to their customers. Suggest to have 1 mini-kettle for yourself. I finished mine and I also finished Bett's. LOL. Tea-monster! I had Vanilla Bourbon, Bett had caramel, and Christine had chamomile!

Salidou! (P145)
Their crepe bestseller is heaven-sent! I swear! We were already so stuffed by the time this was served, but after just one bite, Bett and I looked at each other and swooned at how delicious this was! La Creperie makes their own sauces and this salted caramel was no exception. Topped with whipped cream, Salidou is a perfect ending to a savory meal :) 

Angelina's Hot Chocolate (P185)
From one sweet dessert to another sweet concoction, this is now officially my favorite hot chocolate. Over the years I have come to appreciate Starbucks's Signature Hot Chocolate, Xocolat's own version and even Tsoko-Nut's batirol... but Angelina's is so gooood, I just had to name it my current favorite. And look! They serve it with its own whipped cream and dark chocolate, so you can mix it just the way you like it. Angelina's is the Paris-style rich hot chocolate with 60% cacao. 
Suggestion: Make sure to add that dark chocolate tablet for extra flavor! :)

So that's the rundown of what La Creperie tastes like! They actually have a pretty comprehensive menu, I thought they mostly serve crepes, but little did I know that they also serve pasta, sandwiches, and they're even adding a few hearty rice plates for the breakfast-loving Pinoy taste buds.

While talking with Christine, she tells us how she wants La Creperie to be known as: "for La Creperie to be a place that transports you to a different place. A place that's uplifting."

As I look around the paintings, the table laden with delicious dishes, the myriad of people coming and going--from the yuppies, now sat this college student studying while sipping her Angelina's, there was a family by the front corner and another group at the front-- La Creperie does seem to be on its way to being that kind of place. :)

More power to La Creperie! Thanks for having us and we will definitely be back soon! :)

With Christine Laman & Bett of Life in Technicolor

La Creperie Boheme
14th St. Broadway, New Manila,
Quezon City

La Creperie Maison
403 F. Calderon St. Brgy, Little Baguio 
San Juan City

La Creperie
2nd Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Edsa cor Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City

La Creperie
2nd Level, Eastwood Mall
Orchard Road, Bagumbayan, Libis,
 Quezon City

La Creperie
2nd Level, The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., 
Quezon City

Visit their FB page here
Click for the menu right here


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