Fashion Spotlight: V Hudgens

It's been awhile since I did a fashion post, and for this post let me put the spotlight on this fashion-forward lady whose style I have come to admire.

Ready? :)

Vanessa Hudgens
This girl has come a long way from her cutesy outfits during her High school Musical days, and have grown her personality and style through the years.

I was not really a fan of her gypsy style before, but last night, upon finding out that she and Austin Butler are together (ayan, huli na naman ako sa balita!:P), and while I was looking at their photos on IG, I also discovered that this girl has an amazing fashion sense.

Just check out her outfits below and how she carries outfit fads and staples that are all her own:

Maxi Dress

Not many can carry the look above, but I like how she incorporated the much-loved maxi dress with the ring scarf and brown boots. And yes, the wayfarer sunglasses and bag are essentials to the outfit that translated this outfit with more spunk and character. :)

The next two are a more casual take on maxi dresses with monochromatic prints and nautical stripes that say, "I'm ready for the beach!"

Boot it up!
If there's a staple in Ms. Hudgen's outfits, it seems to be this five-letter word: boots! Scroll down to see how she wears these in style, with the knitted bonnet, aztec mini-dress and classic leather jacket:

Effortless Look
You know the look that says, "Yea, I just got out of the bed this morning, and I just threw on the first thing I saw."

The effortless cool.

Somehow this outfit, with her beaming smile and bouncy walk, pulled off that look. Boyfriend shirt + belt + semi-gladiator sandals + black leather bag + big hat = win!

Here are some more outfits for the effortless Vanessa Hudgens look:

One piece
Dresses that fit one like a glove are the key to wearing one-piece like this. Pulling off a sexy summer look with this outfit, I liked how she managed to put a little twist, quite literally with her hair. And yes, those nude chunky heels are love! <3

I feel like layering is a dangerous ground to tread on... overdoing it kills the entire outfit and going half-hearted about it is not giving justice to what layering means.

Confusing, ain't it? Thus, layering takes courage and confidence to pull off. Hudgens know nothing about playing safe with these outfits that scream layer it all the way!

The one above is my favorite. Yes, it is all gypsy-esque which surprised me because I am not really a fan of that style. But this white and black ensemble puts together all sorts of materials that seem chaos at first but so put-together in the end. Love it!

Be all be-spectacled with orangle sunglasses and aqua blue long scarf with this otherwise-blah outfit while strolling down the street! And of course, it doesn't hurt if your OOTD has your cute bf in it. :)

So there!

If there is something worth noting about V Hudgen's style, it's her Coachella-ease and spunky staples --- with her rugged ripped off jeans, ankle-high boots, printed maxis, long scarves and headpieces... she is a hands-down fashion icon. :)

Which of the outfits above are your favorite?


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