Wheeeee! It's the first day of September! And we all know what that means, Christmas countdown begins!

We, Pinoys, make such a big deal out of it, and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way because I super love this season!

See how every sentence in this post ended with an exclamation point? THAT is how serious I am with Christmas :))

Here are some Christmas photos from around the world to get us all warm and fuzzy for the weekend:

Smiling snowmen light bulbs! :) You gotta admire the simplicity of this idea, and the play of light and colors has Christmas joy written all over it.
Taken in Philadelphia
Thinking Cool Thoughts

Fish-eye effect from the happiest place on the  planet! That's right! This one's taken in Disney World, Orlando Florida :)
Taken in Florida

"Watashiwa Santa Claus desu." :)) So that's about as far as I know with Nihongo. But aren't those chinky-eyed Santa Claus so cute? I am not sure what they are doing here though, but this-much splash of red and white, coupled with those beards, will keep any Christmas scrooge at bay :)
Taken in Japan

Taken from another side of the world, I like the little details in the photo --the candy-filled glass bowl, the nativity miniature behind it, the lit candles held by a glass with angels on it (betcha didn't see that!) & the Christmas tree at the back :)
Taken Somewhere (lol. there's no note as to where this dude took this photo, sorry!)

Can you say Christmas bazaar? Taken in Madrid Spain, this reminds me an awful lot of Divi and Greenhills where Christmas rush shopping scouring through tiangges is already a tradition that some have come to loathe and love over the years :)
Taken in Madrid, Spain

Speaking of Greenhills, Christmas display has now been moved from COD (I live in Cubao so this really brings back memories) to here. I remember we were so little back then that my dad had to carry us on his back alternately just so we can see the show. :)
Taken in Manila
by Maimai Geronimo

I am sure there are memories popping up in your heads right about now :) While it is good to preserve traditions, I am also looking forward to making new ones this Christmas! Hope you are too!

Happy Sunday!