When it's Ripe and Ready

Casa San Pablo posted this today on their FB page and it brought me back to the time when I went there, because these are as sweet as they look!

When I went there for one of the trainings we conducted with my previous company, one of the rambutan trees was standing tall beside the function area. So while we were waiting to be called for assistance or what-not, one of the Casa San Pablo staff started plucking these lovelies and giving them for us to try. As in mega-akyat talaga sa puno si kuya, at fresh na fresh na binigay samin. They were so ripe for the picking that we had to wash off the skin and dust off the ants trying to get dibs on them before peeling it off to reveal the sweet and juicy meat inside. :)

And this picture just got me thinking about seasons... This weekend, I met with two of my college friends which I haven't seen for sooo looong. And while one was celebrating a new love, my other friend was about to close a cycle with a relationship she held dear.

...Yet I have been truly blessed by talking with these 2 ladies because they held on to their faith so strongly -- that the light and hope on their eyes were there as they speak.

Their seasons seem to be on opposite ends of the pole and yet it's amazing how they see and honor God where they are in.

Maybe sometimes we don't see what is being done but our Great Gardener is cultivating something beautiful in His time.

There is time for planting seeds and harvesting. And we always have to remember that winter time always gives way to spring. :)

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."