Why so serious???

"Helllloooo... this  is a parade... smiiiileeee..." that was probably one of the lines that made me like the character of Tara, the queen of the forest, more than the lead character, Mary Katherine, in the movie Epic.

Those were the words that her majesty said to one of her guards as she waves to the crowd with her magnificent smile and easy demeanor, just moments before they were to face the most difficult challenge of their lives.

When the whole forest depended on her, Tara had a knack to have fun, smile and jab at one of her uptight guards. :)

Nakarelate ako kaya ganito. Haha! 

I met up with Mhe last Saturday who is one of my closest friends. I have been wanting to watch a movie for some time now, so I took up her offer to a free ticket last week. Slight failure though because we were at Trinoma and apparently the tix were only valid at Glorietta... Whoopsie, but I think she saw how excited I was so she treated me anyway! Yaaay to a free movie!

So while we were waiting for the movie to start, we decided to grab ourselves dinner. Over pesto pasta, chicken and garlic bread, I was pouring out stories to my friend when she said, "maybe you need to loosen up."


Loosen up?

I had to raise my eyebrows on that one, but as I backtracked to the discouraged words and sadness that are just seeping out of my mouth, I had to nod in agreement.

The week has just been a little difficult and discouraging for me. I was very confused in some areas of my life... and work-wise, the amount of effort I put into something is not translating to any results. Thus, I made my way home last Friday with the amount of sadness and frustration that just makes me want to come home... Ever felt that? When you're just so tired that you want nothing else but to go home and get some rest? That was yours truly last Friday.

It was just the day after, with the help of a friend, that I was shaken to the realization that maybe the issue is not really what's been happening around me, but maybe it IS me. I have set aside finding humor in the mistakes and mishaps I make, have cared too much of what others think of me, and I have forgotten to not take life seriously. I just needed to loosen up more, dust the stress off my shoulders and try not be too hard on myself (3 of my friends have told me these words this year...) So alam na! Haha!

Yeah, when did we start taking life so seriously when God has called us to rejoice and give thanks through it all? (Philippians 4:4)

Kaya eto lang ang masasabi ko, put the fun back into everything you do. Smile at your mistakes as you fix the pieces back again... Laugh with your friends when stress just seems to poke at you and learn to enjoy and be a kid again.

"Helllloooo... life  is a parade... smiiiileeee..." :)

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