Throwback Thursday: Can't Wait to Meet

In the course of reaching for another ply of tissue from a Kleenex pack to aid my runny nose, here I write…
I realized I haven’t written much lately :D

I was visiting my old blog these past few days, and I miss it. I miss the tone, the energy, the positivity of my old LJ… that I wondered whether I have changed in the past few months.

Change is a funny thing.

Well, they say that it is inevitable, so you have to learn to adapt to it–gotta change with the changing times.

Embrace change and it won’t be so painful. Change is the road to a new beginning. Want a new start? Vote for change.

Then there are those who look at you in a somewhat disapproving manner, saying,”You have changed.” Just like all other things, change can be taken as something positive or something negative.

I remember cringing at the thought of my old friends seeing that I have indeed changed. But then again, there are those friends who can keep up with those changes. Those that grow with you, not just in age, but in experiences and they give you more leeway to being you.

In the book, Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger, there was a scene there when Clare would watch Henry… and everyday, she will be waiting to finally meet the man she first met when she was a little girl. It took patience and strength to go on. It took as much to witness him with his many girls and playful manner. When all she could tell him while crying was, “You should have waited for me!” to which he replied with, “I didn’t know that there was going to be you,” she  still stayed…

For all who are yet to read or watch the movie, I hope I didn’t confuse you but you have to read it. Haha!
Going back, she waited. She persevered. Just like a good ‘ol wife and a faithful friend knowing that the person she met long ago is in there somewhere…

I had a good talk with one of my friends in my previous work during our last trip to Bohol, and I was so happy knowing that we can still talk about so many things! It was just like old times in the small training room, with our mean girls impersonation and LOL moments.

A lot has changed since then. Two years, to be exact. We have both moved on to different career paths, different experiences along the way… So it was such a pleasant surprise to have found out that the plane has already landed back so soon in Manila, while we were talking about our lives on the plane back home. Time flies!

I’m happy that we can still talk just like old times, although many things had happened in between.

It’s like finding an old pair of shirt and trying it on years after, finding out that it still fits you perfectly and comfortably.

There were a lot of things that I missed during that trip. It is when you get reacquainted with an old circle that those memories come rushing back. But it was an easy-come-easy-go sort of thing.  You remember the old you, but not for long, you get plunged into the new you.

Thing is, I do not think that I have changed. If anything, I think I have become more me.

It is just that this set of reality has lured pieces of me that has seemingly been sleeping before.

Thus, a not-so-long ago FB status that reads, “A true friend is a friend despite of who you are and the person you become.”

We always talk about accepting the person for who she was, because the important thing is who she chooses to be now. But what about the future-she? Do we give more room for those changes that might happen to our friends in the future?

I hope that people would leave more room for others to grow. I hope that we won’t go through the length of giving up on someone just because he or she has changed.

Change can be a good thing.

And just like good ol’ Clare in Niffenegger’s masterpiece, a good friend sees a friend with hope that he or she will grow into the person she recognizes and cannot wait to meet.

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