Read Faves: This is a Love Story

Hey! :) It's been two weeks! Anyway sorry for the short lull period with this blog, but I haven't lost interest on the written word, I have just been reading more than writing lately. Yaaay!

So I finished my first book for the year yesterday! Kawawa! Hellow! July na po diba. Ohwells, but I am glad I finally gave in to the e-books mania and started stocking up my digital shelves, thanks to friends who are ever-so-willing to send me their reading lists :)

So what book was it? Spotlight please:

Jessica Thompson's "This is a Love Story"!

Just how cheesy can its title be, right? It actually reminds me of the movie, "500 days of Summer" wherein the narrator started with "This is a story about love, but this is not a love story" with that deep, mysterious voice of his. But well, dear narrator, this book just totally told its readers the opposite... "This is a Love Story" with a short caveat at the bottom, "but not every story is the same."

I actually miss that caveat at first, and it was only after I finished the book that I saw it. I guess that was meant to keep the readers guessing on what exactly is this book about. I mean it's a love story... but maybe it's not? But anyway, you girls should read the book if it's making your curious too. As for me, I really liked it :) It is such an easy read and it reminded me of myself years ago when I was so idealistic about life and it does bring you more faith to the whole shebang of relationships and love --in all its forms.

I was telling my friend a week ago that I was avoiding these types of books for the past few months -- the cheesy-mushy kind because after the break up, I think it would help me. (I am well aware that I am becoming quite personal here) but reading it is actually more healing than I thought. I guess because at the core, I am such a freakin' romantic and avoiding it is just the same as tucking away a part of myself somewhere safe until I am completely okay again.

But even though it is a fiction, it does rekindle that part of me... and it's making me believe in love once again. Because I know it will happen at the right time.

It's like facing the sitch head-on and it's a good outlet and a release. :)

Suffice to say, I am going back to what I love doing and I am even shaping up my bucket list this year! I am six months late, but I am happy with the freedom and the openness of the future with all its possibilities.

... And part of that bucket list is to continue developing my love for words -- balancing reading and writing it. :)

So with that, happy Sunday everyone! Write soon, mwah mwah tsup tsup!