Tech Savvy, Quiet Time Ready

Just the other day, I was imagining life without internet... And somehow it brought me back to the time when cellphones were more luxury than necessity, when meeting with someone at one place without this mobile wonder is still possible. Yes, it was POSSIBLE. So by now, that would've prolly given away my age... not yet too old but yes, inabutan ko pa ang casette tape days and boyband mania with matching songhits na tig P30 sa National Bookstore. :) Hmmm... sounds familiar? Apir!

Suffice to say, technology definitely has changed the way we live and look at life, and while a few entries ago, I said that living a well balanced life where no-wifi is something everyone needs once in awhile... I will also go as far as to say that when technology is out there serving its purpose, it really does serve its purpose.

Perks of being a Techie
In fact, there are many things to take up on what Mr. Techie has to offer to make our lives easier. Samples of these would be online trackers, daily organizers, exercise youtube videos, online discount vouchers, e-commerce, online funding of social projects... I mean, the ease of how we do things, thanks to the help of these gadgets, is something worth noting. We now live in a global village, where almost everything is just a few clicks away.

So yes, technology definitely has its lovely perks. And one perk that I am loving right now is this app that helps me with my devotional time.

I do my quiet time at night and on more than one occasion, my tired body and my sleepy state has had me clutching the pages of the Bible with one hand, just to wake up an hour later that I slept through it! WHAAAATT!

I try to do a short exercise before praying, I note 3 things that I am thankful for during the day just to be in that state of gratitude, then I read the Bible.

I have always been the hold-the-pages-in-your-hands type of reader so the same goes for the Bible ever since I was little.. (that rhymes eh?) But since we had wifi, I tried stepping out of my usuals with this app right here called YouVersion. Clap clap clap!

This app has been on my phone for quite awhile but since this requires internet connection (yep, just one teeny downside of this app), it has been sitting there -- unused -- for more than a year already! Good thing I didn't delete it just yet because it has really been helpful to me lately.

The first thing thing that's hard to miss with YouVersion is its array of devotional materials to choose from. I was impressed by the number of plans available. 

Check out some of the plans below:

It really depends on what you want to learn and the pace that you want to learn it. The idea is the commit all throughout because each plan has a number of days to complete. There are plans if you want to finish the whole Bible in 1 year, if you want to study certain books in the Bible or if you want to learn what the Bible has to say on certain topics like family life, grace, etc.

She Reads Truth
For me, I chose "She Reads Truth" just because it has a nice ring to it. :P Haha! Ang lalim! Wait lang, may pinanggalingan naman yan kung bakit, give me a chance. Aside from its catchy and straightforward name,  it has large chunks of passages that are on a separate tab from the devotional content/supplement (background, overview, interpretation).

So??? You ask. Well, there are some materials that have very short verses on top and then the longer supplement are at the bottom which makes it easy to skim through the verses and jump right into reading the supplement without reflecting on what the Bible has to say. So I like that this one is different and it brings back the focus to the Word.

Second reason for choosing this is because it it tackles the book of Philippians and this is the book that we are currently studying at VCF for its series. Talk about alignment! So see, it IS perfect! :)

And look ma! It even tracks your daily quiet time. And you can put notes, bookmarks, share to social media, and even connect with their community to share your thoughts on the day's material. Amazeballs! Aliw na aliw talaga ako noh. :P

I already finished the plan a couple of days ago, yaay! And now I am onto my second plan. I really do appreciate this app to the point that I shared it to my friends the other day. And they too were utilizing the techie-thingies in their walk with God. Here are some of the things you may want to check out too...

Devotional Techie Things
My friend uses ownit365, and according to her: "Masaya yun plans nia kasi if u miss for a long time, u can put "catch me up" and it will rearrange para makacatch up ka  hehe. Para hindi super discouraging.."

the secret to living abundantly
When I checked out their site, I found out that they're connected with YouVersion, cool! Kaya pala! They also have other resources like videos, discussion guides, devotional plans, and even materials to help on different struggles like relationships, health, death, addiction, etc.

Another set of resources readily available are the podcasts. These are usually recordings of the Sunday messages at church. So for all who missed out the services from time to time, catching up is so easy to do these days. You can check out the CCF channel and the VCF site :)

VCF is currently on the "All-Weather" Series, which focuses on the book of Philippians and on how we can rely on God on ANY weather - stormy, rainy, sunny, cloudy... Any weather, God is God and He is faithful to meet us where we are.

Mga Libreng Libro
Now, if you want to be in the know on the books that could help you with your walk -- that you could download for free (that's the best part, isn't it?) -- then you might want to check out this FB community page, Mga Libreng Libro, which gives its followers tips on the the Free E-books on faith, discipleship, Jesus, etc. :)

So there you have it folks! Convenient na kung convenient! Feel free to also share what you guys have in your techie pockets!

So whether you're a techie pro or a rookie,  being quiet-time ready is now made easy as 1-2-3.

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