No WiFi Zone

For the past week, I have slouched myself on the bed for hours, as I scroll down the news feeds of Facebook and Instagram, silently thanking Smart Wifi for allowing 5 gadgets to be online in our little abode.

Finally! After years of using the stick and asking my sisters, "Matagal ka pa?" as I wait for my turn to go wired, this little gadget of wireless happiness comes strutting in.

Although, I may just have overdone it a little, so I am toning down my usage a bit. I don't think it's healthy for our minds and bodies to just be forever stuck online... because there's so much more that the outside world can offer. Like, instead of reading about swimming on Wikipedia, go swimming at the beach and get yourself a nice tan. Instead of chatting with your crush online, go summon the confidence to finally ask her out. Instead of posting tons of foodporn photos, go cook up something special, so even though it tastes real bad in the end, it's the thought that matters anyway :P #nofilter

Nothing beats real connection over wireless connection....

And that's the perfect cue for this ad by Kitkat. Tan-da-da-daaaan!

No WiFi??!!

It reads:

"The world is becoming one big WiFi zone. It's available in bars, restaurants, trains, airports, supermarkets. There's even WiFi on Mount Everest. Result? People are constantly online. Time for a break.

So we created a Free No-WiFi Zone. In a radius of 5 meters, we blocked all signals so people could escape emails, updates, tags or likes. (Cue for a thousand gasps and disbelief!) Instead, they could enjoy a good old newspaper or a hardcover book. Some even had a real conversation. Whilst eating a Kit Kat of course.

Have a break, have a KitKat."

Brilliant. :)

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