SMFW Photo Faves

Thanks to the lovely and loyal customers of SMFW for the great reviews and photos! We're more than a year old and we're happy that Shoes Made for Walking is still at it -- selling uber comfy shoes for ladies at affordable prices. :)

"My super duper lovey flats from SMFW :-)" - Teri

"Thanks for these awesome and uber comfy shoes! We'd wear these everyday if we could (and we might!) We'll definitely order some more matching designs soon! " - Ana

"Thanks Shoes Made For Walking! Great fit! They are really comfy and nice :)"
"My hubby's Lebron 9 liverpool and customized flats by Shoes Made For Walking." - Jelai

"These are the softest and most comfy shoes ive ever walked in. Its like a teddy bear snuggling my feet Ü" - Lesley

"Thank you joy!!! I really love this flats... so comfy and can customize my own shoes." - Jill

...And because of that, we'll be coming out with more styles and more promos soon! Cheers!