Mommy's Day Package from Soiree!

Mother's  day is just one sleep away! Have you gotten something for your mom yet?

I know that treating your mom to a spa or nail salon is something that has been done before, but really, with all the stress you put her under and the amount of work it took her to raise you, she deserves a break. :)

Just the other day, I was holding up this make up bag with the face of a cat to my office mates as I tell them how my mom changed my floral case to this one...because as she noted, my old bag was already bursting at its seams. Point taken. But mom, this cat faced one is fitting for a six year old. I was a bit annoyed when I first saw the cat's big smile and eyes seeming to say "good morning, kid!" but since I was already in a hurry, I just had to stuff it back in my bag as I shoot my cellphone before heading out the door.

My mom and I go to work together every morning. We hail a cab, she drops me off at the bus stop, then she goes to Kalookan for her work.

And she's a morning person, while I on the other hand, am... not. So as she waits for me to get dressed, she would rummage through my bag to refill my purse with coins and bills for my pamasahe (yaaaay!) and she would check other things, like in this case, my ready-to-pop make up bag that needed to sign off.

So as I held it up to my office mates' faces later that afternoon, I realized that I was not annoyed as I was amused about the whole thing. I also told them that I'm pretty grateful how she still gives me commute money every morning. Nakakatipid. :)

One of them pipes in, that now that she's a mom, that this is something she misses -- being taken care of. And me too, I will miss that someday when I already have my own kids to raise, but for this Mother's Day, my sisters and I will make sure to give her a pampering treat including this Mother's Day package from Soiree Salon & Spa. And I love how this is a head-to-toe treatment that will leave her hair shiny, and her nails pretty!

And this is valid from May 12-May 30. :) Hope to see you and your mom there!

Curious as to what other services Soiree boasts of? More about that on my next post. :)
Happy Mommy's Day!

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