Where to in Bora 4/4: Chillin' like a boss with our red lipstick!

Our third day at Bora was spent lazing around the beach, wolfing down two breakfasts within one-hour interval (not a good idea to do this before hitting the beach :P), crashing at somebody else's pool and finally getting our seafood fest at dampa for dinner! Wheeee!

Home of the calamansi muffins, Real Coffee is one of the breakfast places to beat in Boracay. And I am sure Boracay lovers would agree that at least one meal must be spent with this restaurant's hearty sandwiches, omelettes and baked goodies.  And since we couldn't resist eating the free breakfast at Le Soleil where we were staying at and Real Coffee's morning treats, we just went and stuffed our faces with both! :P So you can just imagine how full I felt after!

After burping our way out of Real Coffee, we knew we needed to start burning the calories so we immediately hit the beach. Mark and Steph were not too keen on hitting the beach though because of the glorious sun. As for me, I'm not really scared of it... just as long as I slather on the right amount of sunscreen, a golden tan is something I would welcome on a beach-y day, and so did Kimmy (who's the fairest among us!) and Potch!

But it was really scorching hot on that day so we tried walking backwards half the time to make sure that we were equally baked on both sides. Here we are, getting stares from the tourists who were probably thinking, "Filipinos are a weird bunch!" Haha!

Chillin like a boss with our red lipstick! (We totally loved Revlon's new lip stain, which was Potchy's new beauty find, so we would borrow it every chance we get. Kahit sa beach, nakalipstick! Haha!)

We found a table at Two Seasons, and just decided to stay there for the afternoon. We just bought a couple of drinks at White House, then went back to Two Seasons to crash their pool then later on, the girls played beach volleyball.

We ended up swapping stories at the pool. And because it was very relaxing and we were getting a good shade from the sun (we knew we already had enough dose for the day), we did most of the swimming here too :)

The pool kind of reminded me of Misibis, where in the pool was just right smacked outside the rooms, and there's a bridge just right above it. Although beach-wise, of course, Bora is still better. Hehe! :)

It was a pretty fun trip :) And Bora is still Bora any way you look at it, although ironically summer is not the best time to go here for the beach. Try hitting it during October - February when it's not as hot and waters are lumot-free! :)

I just love spending time with these people right here. We've all been friends since high school and life has really taken us all to different places and seasons... but it's always good to know that you have a set of people who are so dependable and fun to be with that you just know they have your back. :) And everyone should have that! :)

Cheers! Bora, hope to see you again soon!

Real Coffee
Near Station 1. just before Astoria Boracay

Two Seasons
Station 1, Boracay

White House
Station 1, Boracay

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