Where to in Bora 3/4: Love is in the air at Kasbah!

If there was one foodie place that I was so ecstatic to have tried out on my most recent trip to Bora, it would be Kasbah!

Kasbah: It's time to go Moroccan!
Kasbah is located at Station 1 -- they serve Moroccan cuisine and has been the object of raves of many celebrities. That's why when our friend Jona asked for a recommended restaurant where she will throw a mini surprise dinner for her bf, Victor, my friend was quick to suggest Kasbah. And when we saw photos of the place, we were all quick to chime in with our resounding "Let's!"

With colors purple and pink decorating the place, hammocks hanging against the trees, throw pillows on the sofas, and sand under your feet, this restaurant is every bit appealing and unique.

Look at the beautiful mural at the back! :)

Here is Jona with her bf, Victor, enjoying the hammock <3

So it seemed that Jona has something up her sleeve, but little did she know that she was in for a bigger surprise... because it was the same night that Victor was going to propose to her! And we were all in the plan, from reserving the restaurant, getting one of the kids to do the sand writing with the words, "We're getting married!", to conspiring with Kasbah's manager to make all these happen, we were all love conspirators personified even for just one night.

Back to the food! At Kasbah, they're most famous for their Tagines. Ta-what??? 


Yes, I know. We had exactly the same expression when we saw the menu. And this is how Kasbah describes this specialty on their website:

There are a few dishes as beautiful and unique as a Moroccan tagine. An integral part of Moroccan cuisine, a tagine is both the slow-cooked stew & the special pot in which it is cooked. The long-simmering process combined with the choicest ingredients & spices results in the most exquisite dishes.

Fragrant, zesty, spicy or sweet, they are always delicious and inviting. In a world of on the go fast-food, we pride ourselves in serving you the most quintessential of slow food cooking.

They have an array of selection as far as their famous tagines are concerned but we highly recommend their Lamb Tagine, because as according to the manager, you can eat seafood anywhere... But a lamb tagine? Only Kasbah can offer you that in the entire island! (odba. Maka-pitch tong si kuya, eh effective naman!) And it's true, because it's reaaally goood. True to what it should be, our tagine stayed tender and tasty. And as with the hot stew we all love, be sure to order this with their basmati rice! Yum!

Other must-tries!
Aside from their tagines, they also have soup, salads, cold appetizers, brochettes, kebab and other exotic Moroccan delights.

Here are some of the other dishes we tried at Kasbah:

Kemia with Hummus

Breathless Briouats

Kebab Platter

Yaaay! So our tummies were happy and after eating... tan-da-da-dan! Before the night ended, our dear friend is engaged!!! The original plan was for Victor to propose when he blows his own birthday cake, but then he changed his mind at the last minute and decided to maximize the sand writing and proposed right there!

Yiheeeeee! :) Kasbah - be sure to dine here soon! 

Station One, White Beach, Boracay, Aklan (next to Discovery Shores Hotel)

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