God, please give me my book nook (pouty-pacute-face)

Sometimes I wonder how differently my 18-year old self will react over something compared to my 25-year old self today.

Case in point: My family and I are planning on moving to a new home soon, and I just noticed that while years ago, I may still be looking for a house-house... Now, I just seemed to have confined myself to looking at condos and apartments, because while they are not exactly what my dreams are made of, they are more affordable. Thus, they are pretty much what our current reality could fit in.

Maybe it's not so bad--being realistic--but sometimes the issue of faith kicks in and I ask myself, could it also be because I'm not believing hard enough? This is not to say, that with our fervor prayers and passionate cry-out to the Lord, we just await with our hands open as our dreams fall from the skies one by one... But maybe as time went by, I just stopped believing that it could happen, that together, we could earn more and that God is gracious enough to bless us.

But God has taught me enter His kingdom like a child (Matthew 18:2) -- the needy, clingy type... one that is solely and wholly dependent on Him. He delights in children because of their child-like faith and humility. He does not have to bring out a book of "Scientific Bases that God is real" just to prove so, or to calculate in front of me how he will give us our dream house with all our salaries combined...

Because He is bigger... And this is just one of those moments when I ask myself, how much faith am I putting in to all my goals today?

PS. I have always wanted a book nook. A corner of peace and quiet with a big window to let in the natural light. I just love it when the sunlight streams on the pages of a book I am reading. :)

God, please give me something like this. Peg as shown below :) Heehee! 

Source: 4.bp Blogspot

How about you? What is the one thing you have always wanted to have or to do? And when was the last time you asked God for it? :)

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