Entourage dilemmas

My best friend texted me last night asking me for suggested necklines/styles of my gown as part of her entourage. Yesss, my friend of 22 years is getting married this year! Waaaaaaah!

Now, just as with any girl who loves to shop, you can just imagine that this excited me. So I did what any 25-year old girl would do when faced with such decision: open Google then type "bridesmaid's gown" in the search box. Haha! So thank you Google creators for making life so much easier for mankind. We are forever indebted to your ingenuity.

So now I'm scouring through tons of styles... and half an hour later, I am still searching for the ONE dress that I'll use as peg... Well, THIS apparently was not such an easy task to take on because there are so many choices! Izzz craaazy!

I just wanted something simple, but not blah either. I wanted something classy that I will not cringe upon seeing my photos 10 years from now, but I also wanted something fitting for my age -- in short, not old-fashioned.

Hmmm.. So here, I present to you, some of my favorites:

Asymmetrical sweetheart neckline with floral accent. 
Cute right? Although I think the neckline is a little low? :D

Something goddess-y, my only worry with this is that I might look like a walking drape! Yikes! But it's nice, and so flowy! I can just stuff my face and not worry about sucking in my tummy for photo ops! Oo, naisip ko talaga yun!

I have always been partial with halter. Thus, this choice. It's also pretty young-looking and it exudes that air of high fashion, eh? Or maybe it's just the model, I should look like that, fierce! :)

Thick-strapped empire cut dress. Classy and a little sexy.

Nude sweetheart cut cocktail dress. Since I don't have a fair complexion, I think the color drew me in with this one. But since we'll be wearing pink... Maybe the next one will look better...

This is my top fave so far. It's unique, simple and elegant :)

I'm going to scour some more :) But here's an article on how to dress for your body type. I hope this helps you especially if you're going to a formal event soon: