6 Things that I'm Grateful for...

Every night before going to sleep, I do a short exercise: think about at least 3 things that I'm thankful for the day. So no matter how tiring the day may have been, I'll be reminded to count my blessings because there is always something to be thankful for. :)

I can almost hear you say, "Eh ikaw na ang positib!" haha! But it's actually quite the opposite, because that is precisely why I do this daily exercise -- because it is not automatic for me. It's always so much easier to call it a day and slump my face on my pillow as I brace myself for the amount of work that awaits me the next day. I am no walking sunshine or Ms. Bright-Eyed-Wonder, so this is what I do to keep it together and to smile before going to sleep.

So here are 6 things that I am thankful for this week...

1. Family bonding over brunch!

Last Tuesday, Achi Jho (cuz) invited my sisters and I to see what the fuss was all about Ihop, the new famous breakfast place in town. It was so famous, that what was supposedly be brunch turned to lunch due to the long line of customers wanting to try out the restaurant :)

The food was actually not all that great (whoops!) BUT it was still worth a try and we had more fun swapping stories and teasing each other. Carino brutal kami magmahal eh, haha!

2. Getting a beautiful surprise from Etchosera

You know the feeling when you were expecting to find 2 items in your gift bag, then when you opened it, there were 3?!! Wheeeee! I chose two items when I talked to Tiff but she was so generous to give me this Victorian-inspired ring on top of the bracelet and necklace! :) I was super happy when I got these the other day that I already started thinking the outfits that would go with these gorgeous accessories!

3. Supportive friends!

When I was part of the unemployed group of people for three months, my friend Kimmy channeled in her kawang-gawa self to sell SMFW shoes to her office mates. And all profit goes to meeee! I know! And she has work from Monday to Saturday, on top of her church responsibilities, that I truly appreciated how she helped me earn more since that was my only source of income for 3 months!

Yesteday, she, Mhe and I met up and we were all wearing SMFW shoes that I just had to take a photo. Aside from being each other's emotional outlets, they also supported my biz and promoted it to their friends :) Thanks girls!

4. A/C!

Ambabaw ba! Dude, sa init ngayon, hindi yan mababaw! Haha! And we have been out of A/C since I was in grade school! So when we got home a few weeks ago to find that our rents have seen our suffering (:P) and sweat, and have finally bought an A/C after almost a decade of electric fan mania of the Buena familia, thank you Lord talaga! :)

5. Being reunited with good music

It's like opening a pandora box of great-music-we-have-forgotten as I started playing a playlist in my sister's hard drive that we have been ignoring for so long. It's a collection of mellow and catchy music by Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews band, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Florence + the Machine, etc.

Here's one: All We Are by Matt Nathanson

You might also want to check out these gems:
Fidelity - Regina Spektor
Good night and go - Imogen Heap
Angel + Better Together - Jack Johnson
Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie
I Feel it All - Feist

6. Speaking of being reunited... Mini reunion with old friends!

Just last night, some friends from IBM and I went to dine at MAdeCA, whose food we couldn't stop raving about because it's THAT good - sisig burritos and salpicao tacos are must try and they have the cutest straws, glasses and mini buckets for condiments! (They're located at Podium :) )

It's been four years since we all first met and many things have changed since then but what I appreciate about these people is that our conversations are always peppered with stories and good laughs. There are always little antics back then to make fun of, and our adventures of today to share.

Happy Sunday everyone!

What are you thankful for the week? :)