Outfit Shot: Color and Style Play on a Formal Event

Hey! Just a quickie outfit shot for a wedding I attended this afternoon.

Thanks to Kimmy for letting me borrow her dress and shoes! I didn't have the time and money to spend anymore so she was a real life-saver! And I loved how the whole outfit came together after.

Come and see!

It's a teaser of a dress, because the idea was to wear a long gown (as the invitation said) but I cannot borrow a long gown that fits me well that looks formal and at the same time is not over the top. Get what I mean? Andami talagang problema ng mga babae noh :P  And when I tried this on, although it's a mini, there's a sheer cover that falls below the knees giving it an illusion that it's long. So it's perfect! Plus the color made my sun-kissed skin pop all the more!

Tri-colored peep toe sling backs that are 5 inches high -- that was the pair I wore with this dress. Despite the ouch factor that shoes this high bring to one's feet, it was a veer away from the usual silver and gold shoes that everyone wears to a formal event. I was actually a bit taken a back when I first peeped into its box (I borrowed this one from Kimmy too) and saw neon colors! Haha! I had to check again just to make sure I was seeing straight. But i think it was unique and this will really accentuate your legs especially if you're wearing minis. ;)

I felt like like my shoes and dress have already reached the quota as far as colors were concerned, so I lowered it down a notch when it came to my accessories.

The winner for my bag was this gold clutch  with silver studs, which my mom got from ukay-ukay (as most of her bag finds). I like that it's simple, elegant and is a non-conformist to the rule to just use either silver OR gold in a single outfit. "Just pick one and one alone!" diba? Well, it's 2013 and it's time to break some of the rules and let the silver and gold rock it out together! 

And luckily, Abby (my new office mate ) is selling accessories, so I got this chunky necklace from her.

It's gorgeous, isn't it? I like its details and it matches my bag! Wheeeeeeee!

So that was my outfit :) Lesson learned for today: Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and styles during a formal event. There are so many more options nowadays and we just have to maximize it and step out of our comfort zones.

And don't forget to smile and goof around with that outfit, as these pictures show :)

Dress by Apartment 8 Clothing
Shoes by Figliarina
Necklace by Swanlake Accessories