It is Done

I sometimes cry when I least expect it.

And this song right here was the reason for my most recent tear-up episode.

It wasn't exactly the last place a person will cry --because it was at church-- but there was nothing special at that moment for me. It was not like it was a new song because I have it heard it and have sang it countless time before...and it was also not as if I were going through something difficult that crying just seemed to be second nature.

But there I was, with my eyes closed, as I sang with the crowd the lyrics "You tore the veil, You made a way, when You said that it is done," tears just started falling from my eyes.

I just felt overwhelmed with God's love. And it's been awhile since I felt that.

But it was done.

He made a way.

It is finished.

He has done it for us.

Have a blessed and meaningful holy week! :)