Handmade by Etchosera

Yes, Etchosera talaga.

When I first heard about this online biz almost two months ago, I smiled and was a bit surprised with the name of the brand. I had to ask the person who recommended it to me to repeat the name just to make sure. According to its owner, Tiffany Uy, "the name “Etchosera” refers to someone who possesses the power to blur the lines between truths and lies, leaving people intrigued."

Humor-me much
And just browsing through their albums, I find myself not just intrigued but even smiling at the name of each.  With names like "Charming ka teh?" for charm bracelets, "Hindi ako tinapa!" for koi-inspired pieces and "Ambisyosang Dyosa" for neck pieces fit for a queen, this brand definitely has personality! And with branding, it is always good to cut through the clutter and be set apart from the rest.

One of the Awimboweh pieces

From Ambisyosang Dyosa collection

Unique & Handmade
Aside from the brand's personality, what also caught my eye with Etchosera's pieces was how their collection includes one-of-a-kind handmade trinkets and limited edition jewelries.

If  there is something that is considered a faux pas in fashion, finding someone wearing an exact same outfit is one of them. And accessories are no different! Accessories just abound these days, right? And thanks to paired up arm candies, stand-alone necklaces and funky rings, we girls can now wear accessories with much ease. But with the increase in supply also comes the risk of bumping into someone who is wearing the exact same thing... Waaaahhhh! And this is where Etchosera saves the day, because every piece is limited if not one-of-a-kind! So ang mga accessories sa tiangge, hindi basta-basta nauubos yan, pero ang Etchosera handmade pieces, konting-konti nalang! :))

And here are more of Etchosera's pieces that are making it so tempting for me to ransack my wallet stash. Baka pati pera ko konting-konti nalang! :)

Beach-vibe charm bracelet! Perfect for summer!

Gorgeous! Fitting for a princess!

Symptoms of crafty hands
When asked about the beginnings of Etchosera, Tiffany confessed that she has always loved & appreciated different forms of art -- may it be a simple sketch or a grand architectural structure. She sees art as a means of self expression and it is something that has been important to her even as a kid. In fact, just recently, she got herself into pottery making that she ended up making different pots/plates/pans for family & friends!

"I guess, it is safe to say that I've always loved the idea of creating or making new craft items. I get excited over the thought of completing a DIY idea that i find in  the internet or in a magazine and this has led me to creating jewelries. At first, i dabbled with polymer clay and created my first ever donut earring set which i gave away as gifts to my friends. Eventually, i dived into creating pieces by combining colors, shapes and textures into a single harmonious design," she shares.

Ang gaganda diba! :)
To see their entire collection, do check out their page:

Worn with confidence, ETCHOSERA is a girl’s best accessory to looking glam and feeling fab. 
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