While I'm Waiting

While I'm Waiting was one of the events organized by Hardwired, Victory GH's Singles Ministry.

This happened just last Saturday and one thing worth noting about the event was that it was jam-packed! Alam na ano ang concern ng mga singles ngayon. Haha! But yes, in the area of love life, everyone just seems to agree that it's something many people invest a lot of time thinking and praying about. So let's not deny it anymore and let us talk about it!

And since this is most singles' issue at heart, I think the event was a great way to engage the community. And what event will be complete without great music? So to start off, the audience was serenaded by Victory's very own talents with Brooke Fraser's "Love is Waiting" and Fireproof's OST "While I'm Waiting." Super duper love these two songs, be sure to listen to its lyrics!

Now, I was not able to attend the volunteers' orientation but I wanted to be more active in church, so I volunteered to facilitate one group during the event. It was my first time to do it at VCF so I was not very comfortable with the idea (especially when I was not able to attend the briefing) but I know that I should go out of my comfort zone more often and just lifted it up to God. (pakapalan mode na haha!)

The speakers for the afternoon were married couple Joe and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio. They're both so funny and cute together with their sweet banters. But what's more admirable is their faith and love for Christ.

Submit Factor
One take-away I got from the event is that as girls, we are called to submit to our husbands-to-be, in the same way that men have to be kasubmit-submit. Yun talaga ang term. Be willing to submit for women, and be kasubmit-submit to men.

Personally, I think it is difficult for me to submit because I can be stubborn at times (for all those who know me, please say Amen in a hushed tone) so I tend to do things at my own pace. I think being single all my life poses this challenge. From being independent to being co-independent (I think I just made that up) with someone is a tough task to take on... But that is the call for girls... And men have to make it easier for us by building up that kasubmit-submit character. They also have it pretty tough :P Blehh..

But Christ gave us a model: Just as He loved the church, we are called to love our spouse. That is the standard. Hirap diba... Haha! BUT since Christ did not only gave us a model, but also the source, we can always draw strength and patience from Him.This entails that both of you grow in your love for Christ individually so that your marriage life will just overflow with this love. Especially during those days when you don't feel like loving your significant other (on those days when you don't feel in-love anymore), your love for Christ will lead you back to loving him or her.

Just as with all other things, our love for Christ will always lead us back to doing the right and the best thing at the end of the day.

Where is your hope in?
I think for every Love, Courtship, Marriage event I have attended, this question pops up: Is it right to ask God for a sign? Umamin kayo, you have asked this at least once, even just in your head...
And I think Rica just put everyone in place when she threw this question back to the audience: "Ask yourself, is your hope in the sign? Or is it in God?"

Because sometimes when we are faced with a decision, we are already leaning towards one answer... that we just want a "sign" to confirm that decision. Minsan ang daya natin. But our prayers should always be open-ended. Although we can always ask for God for what we want, we have to first seek for what He wants and trust that He knows what's best for us.

I have experienced that when my prayers are open-ended, that's when it is also most liberating. Yes, it's scary but it also unloads everything off your shoulders and it's like finally opening up your hands from a tight clutch in an offering to Him and saying, "Lord, Kayo na bahala."

Expect to Change
You marry 10 different people, and all of them are just one person.

Huh? In a relationship, both people change, and you have to expect this to happen. So you also have to expect the difficulties. Emphasis on the S. Joe and Rica (yes, first name basis na toh!) told the audience how it's weird that when you land a new job or move to a new place, you expect the hard work entailed in making the adjustments, but in marriage, everyone just expects that you fall into its sheer perfection. Nuh uh. Wrong.

You expect the challenges and the difficulties, and you have to set your expectations so it doesn't surprise and scare you off... Marriage is hard work, but with the best person, it's more than worth it.

A short disclaimer though, the event was not geared in embedding our heads with the idea that we are ALL called to be married, because it's different strokes for different folks. So the seeking in this area is not primarily asking the question, who has God set apart for me? But rather, what are you being called into?

Small Talks
After the talk, everyone split into small groups and shared about the one thing that made an impact to them and how to apply it in their lives.

And everyone was coming from different backgrounds and are in different seasons, so the small group was good a good outlet for the reflections each had with the message. My objective as a facilitator was to just facilitate the discussion, to encourage everyone to share, and I thank God that everyone did.

And since most are singles, we agreed that we just don't wait, but we wait purposefully. You work while you wait, you seek God while you wait, you grow while you wait, you shine wherever God has placed you while you wait...

So while we wait, something great is already happening. While waiting, He is already working in us, and we are likewise working out our faith.

It was a great event, and I hope that everyone gets to be part of something like this more often because it aligns the critical issues of our hearts to what the Word has to say about in the matter... and we get to do it in fellowship with old and new friends pa. Odba. San ka pa?! :)

Photos by Bryan Villamor