Week 1 Lesson

Happy Happy Valentines! <3

Okay sorry! I'm a day late, been adjusting to the reality of working again. Honestly, I'm super tired during the first part of the week :/ We had a training last Wednesday and I swear, if I just blinked a second longer, I would have dozed off right there. Pinches just didn't do it anymore. So I had to picture the possible outcome: dozing off and waking up in the meeting room alone, and going back to my station to the news that "the newbie slept during training!!!" So I imagined that while I pray. And the desire to keep my job and God's grace prevailed. Thank you Lord!

Also, my wardrobe needs a major makeover, casual clothes must be replaced by corporate wear, and yes... closed shoes heels for four days a week. I'm going to miss my flats! :( I realized that in my old job naman, I wear heels at least once a week, but I didn't seemed to mind, but months of wearing flats and my feet just seemed to scream help!

So you see, every bit of me just seems to be in the adjustment mode these days, but thank God that I'm still yet to be late! Woot woot! I wake up at 5:30am, out the door by 6:30am and at the office before 8am! :) Seriously guys, if you know me, you would know how big of a challenge this is for me. Nung college palang, struggle na ang 7:30am class ng philo and travel time to our school from my house is a measly 20 minutes... Dibaaa kahiya.. That's why I owned the seat at the back for that particular class, perfect for pasimple na entrance :P

I think these days, God is teaching me discipline and being a good steward of my time and finances. I would have wanted to be in a more loose environment but I want to think that He placed me here for a reason. And  that possible lesson has crossed my mind this week, because just like what Rick Warren said, “God is more interested in your character than your comfort."