Photo-full Monday!

I was rushing to the Ayala MRT station on my way home today when something on my left caught my eye. I was already really tired that it took me by surprise that something would be interesting enough for me to stop. At that time, my right arm was throbbing a little from the blood exam for the APE and I was getting a little heady because of all the walking under the smoldering heat the entire day (the nurse even asked me whether I was getting a little dizzy because my blood pressure was too low, oops). In short, I want nothing more than to take a shower and dive head-first on my bed.

But lo and behold, after a full day... somewhere between my strides in Glorietta, I just had to slow down. It was the combination of colors in a photograph that made me stop and look closely. And beside it was another full-colored photo, and in front of it were a few more... I stepped back and realized: Eh kaya naman pla! It was because the whole stretch was a photo exhibit, specifically the Canon-Pixma PhotoWorld Asia 2013.  Haha! Toinks!

But I just found myself smiling at the photos, and I hope these cheer you up too.

Here, I actually took photos of the photos (is that ironic?) using my phone. :)

They're gorgeous, aren't they?? My personal favorite is the second photo, it's entitled "Happy Pinoy" and just looking at it can make anyone smile! Those smiles are so genuine, so childish, it just goes straight to your heart!

I think in the midst of all the hustle and Monday busy-ness, sometimes it is just sad that we cannot see beauty even if it's already staring at us in the face. Nung una wala masyadong pumapansin sa exhibit, but it was also then when more people started to look that more took notice of the exhibit, and they took time to stop and admire.

The exhibit will be there until tomorrow, there are more from where these came from! Be sure to catch them at the Glorietta Activity Center :)

Have a great Monday! <3