Back to the Corpy World! :)

It's official! I have a new job!

I just signed the contract today, and really, the struggle it took me to make this decision was pretty wild. If you have seen me yesterday, texting peepz to pray for me and those phone conversations with the company giving me 15 minutes to decide whether to take the job or not ("Ermm... Ano ba..? Hmm.. Wait ah.. Uhmmm..") But when I finally made the decision, I never did once turn back. It's like all my apprehensions went kapoof. And I was real happy signing that contract today.

It's amazing how God made sure to give me what I prayed for specifically as far as my career is concerned. I prayed for a job by (1) February (and look, He is not a day late! Haha!), (2) for a marketing/bizdev role  (3) fulfilling job (it's end to end, from launching to monitoring, so it might be challenging but its success will be like your baby) (4) in a happy environment (I was little worried about this because they're really corporate but I have actually told my boss prior to the job offer about my Bora trip in March and she was real cool about it. That's a good sign -- I smell people who value work-life balance!) and (5) good compensation (wink wink!)

And on the last minute yesterday, He made sure I get to tick off these items on my career checklist! Amazing!!

I'm pretty excited, thanks to all the prayers and to God for blessing me with this :) So I am really moving to a new career huh. My family and I are planning on moving out from our rented abode this year, but it seems that God is moving me to different places and areas in life. From the small movements like moving to a new blogging platform, to big movements like being in a relationship to being single again, and this time, career moves like this, His peace and joy has been my strength.

All these changes are kind of scary, I am actually scared that all the stress and busy-ness might again plunge me into the sea of burn out and unhappiness. BUT I don't want to worry this great news away :) Positive vibes, back on!