Getting Beach-Ready with Wink!

Beach! That is what my mind seems to be saying these days, and on Friday we will be flying to a much-loved beach in Visayas (more about that soon). Finally! The sun and the seas! :D

But before we don our swimwear and flip-flops, my friend and I made sure to get our skin beach-ready first. So just last Saturday, we went to Wink Laser & Wax Studio to get our waxing fix.

We both have had experience in waxing, shaving and plucking so I think it was a great way to try what Wink has to offer differently in the market. Because we already have something to compare it with, we hope to bring something that will break it down into specifics, not just with the service but with the products and the ambiance as well.

Hygiene is number 1
One thing worth remembering about Wink is its priority on cleanliness. Holly Chang, the young entrepreneur behind this budding business, is a self-proclaimed OC. And it shows the moment you enter one of the rooms.

The squeaky clean counter and the no-towel policy are indications of this. My friend was a bit weirded out that there was no towel to cover her and lie on, instead Wink use paper -- disposable paper. And Holly was quick to explain why, it’s because if they use towels, customers really have no assurance how well those towels have been washed and how many people have used it already, and it just feels cleaner when you use one then throw it away. Hmmm, makes sense.


Bikini wax first timer
In getting beach-ready, I opted for full leg, bikini and underarm. Lyn, the waxing therapist (yep that’s what they call them :D) encouraged me to go all out with their Brazilian but our conversation went something like this…
She: Ma’am ayaw nyo mag Brazilian nalang?
Me: Errrr, first time ko kasi kaya hinay hinay lang. Tsaka masakit yun diba?
She: Oo.
Me: (honest ka talga ha! Haha!) Ahhh next time, bikini nalang muna. (grins)

…because as much as I wanted to be all-brave and bring out my atapang-atau powers, I don’t have that high pain tolerance, so bikini will do for now. And surprisingly, it was not that painful pala. Haha! Well it was a little, but it was tolerable. I imagined myself limping my way out after my service, but I can walk pretty normal after. So whew!!!

This is how Wink does it!
At Wink, they make use of hard and soft wax. Hard wax is used for the more sensitive areas of the skin like underarm, face and brazilian. Because it's thick and does not stick to the skin, it makes it less prone to irritation. Meanwhile, soft wax is used for the less sensitive areas like legs, back and chest, and this is applied with a strip. 

After thinking about it, I realized that in the previous waxing salons I went to, they used soft wax for my underarms and they actually change their wax, one time it was sugar (which worked well for my skin) then it was chocolate the next time (which was not too kind to my skin L) and when I asked why, they just said that their boss said so. Ermm okaaaaay. 

For Wink, they use Berodin, an imported brand endorsed by Lori Nestore, the Wax Queen. Together with Count Christian DES GARETS, Lori and Christian, two pioneers in the wax industry, have joined forces to offer premium waxing products in the name of Berodin.

I actually have very sensitive skin but aside from the little itch and redness just after waxing (which is normal), I like how my skin felt after! It’s so smooth! I usually just shave my legs, so you know where the difference lies. :P

While I was having my service, Lyn would ask me if I’m still okay from time to time. The place smells good and relaxing music was being played in the background which was calming. I think that was a good way to calm the nerves of the first-timers. And look! Their ceiling is decorated with Wink's logo!


Except for Berodin, Wink patronizes local brands like Snoe Beauty which you will also be able to purchase there. Snoe Beauty carries skin care and beauty products such as soaps, shampoo, make up, fragrance and sunscreen and they make use of all natural ingredients.

And just for summer, Wink is holding products of Soak Swimwear! Wheeeeee! And since Snoe carries sunscreen, both are great complements to Wink's waxing services in getting a dose of sun and seas.

Customer connection
If you ask me what makes Wink different, it’s the customer connection that starts the moment you open their doors and stays long after you have had your service.

When we came in, Lyn sat me down to ask a few questions about my waxing usuals whether it was my first time and all. Then she handed me a flyer that holds the guidelines after waxing. Now especially if you’re  a first timer, this will really come in handy, I’m no first timer but it reminded me that I need to exfoliate a few days after waxing to avoid in growns. Then after your service, I was pleasantly surprised when Lyn handed me her card. “Wow. Meron kayo sarili?!” was all I seemed to say.

A few days after, I received a text message from her asking about how’s my skin so far after waxing, which is an excellent way of getting feedback from customers, don't you think?

I’m pretty happy with the service and I will definitely go back. Now, I am beach-ready! So if you're bound for the beach soon, why not give Wink a try? Because getting beach-ready is not only about being fit, but also being hair-free and smooth all over. :)

0917.303.WINK / 02.808.7258
3rd Level C2 Bldg, 
7th Ave cor 28th Street, 
Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC, Taguig