Enza: Feel Deliciously Pampered!

Oh boy, how I missed being pampered! It has been months since I last set foot in Enza Nails & Spa, so it was nice to be back last Thursday night.

Enza Nails & Spa in Ortigas is a quaint  place along Garnet Street (just across Robinson’s Galleria) that offers delicious pampering to both men and women. Yes, both girls and boys seemed to agree that we all need pampering from time to time, whether it’s a good ol' mani-pedi, a 30-minute head massage, or a soothing foot spa, it just feels good to be taken care of after a long day.

Clean and Smells so good!
The first thing I noticed when I first came in at their Ortigas branch was that the place smells real good. And with yellow-and-white-stripes wall paper, picture frames hanging on the wall and big lounge chairs, the place was relaxingly chic.

The dim lighting and the soothing music at the background added to the ambiance all the more. I especially like those circular light fixtures hanging like balls of light that stretch along the length of the place. It's just like those lanterns in Tangled!

What will it be today?
What Enza may lack for in space, they make up for in the variety of their services. They not only offer nail spa packages, but also massages and even hair spa treats. (Just take a peak at how reasonably priced their services are!)

When I asked one of the owners, Jeosen, whether they have a signature service, she said that they don’t really have a signature service for they aspire to offer the customers pampering services at all price and service levels. 

Although she did mention that if you want ultimate pampering, the Dead Sea Indulgence is the service they recommend. So I decided to go for that. I mean, even just the name itself makes you want to curl up in a ready-for-some-major-pampering position, right? And also I added in premium manicure to complete the nail prettifying package.

Dead Sea Indulgence + Premium Manicure
Dead Sea Indulgence is like foot spa 4.0! It entails the whole shebang as far as your feet are concerned: File, Scrub, Wrap, Massage and Pedicure!


File & Wrap!



Be in the moment!
My favorite part of the entire pampering session was the massage, which was like the finale after they file, wrap, scrub, slather on mask and rinse your feet. At first I was still writing things down and browsing through the magazine. I was quite OC in doing the write up that I practically scared the staff. Haha! Akala ata nila I was auditing! :P Nooo! So I tuck the notebook and pen away, and just let myself be relaxed. Because that is the point: stop thinking and just enjoy the moment. Let them carry those worries away then write about that. The massage did me in though. I cannot help but close my eyes, lay my head against the chair and just relax.

Here is Elena with wonder hands!

Nail polish, you say?
They have so many Orly Nail Polishes to choose from, it took me awhile to go through the two trays in choosing my “the one”. 

I think you can go through two years not repeating one shade with those options! You can still of course opt to bring your own polish, but if you like experimenting with colors, then you’ll be happy with Enza’s collection. I do hope they stock up on those lovely gradient polishes though... I went googly eyed the first time I saw it online, it'll definitely be a great addition to their selection. :)

At the end of the day though, I chose this aqua green color for my nails! The one doing my nails was Grace, which is a real nice lady, and ta-daan!

Feel na feel ko yung color ng nails ko against their wall! :P

Bring a friend!
I think out of all the services out there, it is the nail spa where you usually bring a friend with you so you can chit-chat your way and catch up.

I mean you can get your hair cut done alone, the magazine would be enough to keep you company. Same with getting a massage or getting your regular waxing. Those can be done on your personal time. But a nail salon? It’s like the place to chill with your girl friends and yes, uso na ngayon to throw a bridal shower or a birthday party at one of these places diba!

And yes, Enza also offers Spa-rty Packages :)

So last Thursday, I invited Mhe to come with me so she managed to get her manicure while we catch up on each other’s latest.

She chose a purple polish for her nails! When friends commented on her nails days after, she just says "Yuh... I feel so preeeeteeeee" with a matching pout. Haha!

Set an appointment
Just a tip, it's also better to set an appointment in advance. Their peak times are usually at night (6pm onwards) on weekdays and late afternoon onwards on weekends. So to ensure that you get a spot and get quality service, do schedule your appointment during their slow times of the day.

And... here's the little surprise we have for you! Our friends at Enza are gracious enough to partner with SMFW in celebrating our 1st year this Feb. And in doing that, we’re giving away GCs worth P500 each to 5 lucky winners.

Just follow these quick easy steps to get your chance:

  1. Log in to your FB account
  2. Click: SMFW-Enza Giveaway poster
  3. Like Shoes Made for Walking page.
  4. Like Enza Nails & Spa page.
  5. Share the poster on your timeline with the caption, “An SMFW girl loves and pampers herself!”
  6. Comment on the poster with your full name, email add and link of the shared photo J
Enza Nails & Spa has 4 branches within the Metro:
  • Katipunan: Unit 108, Loyola Heights Condominium, dela Rosa St. LHQC / 02-4860364
  • Makati: G15 Rada Regency Condominium, Rada Cor. dela Rosa St. Makati City / 02-4924521
  • Ortigas: Unit 112, Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Cor. Garnet St. Ortigas / 02-3826617
  • Congressional: 2/F Barrington Place, #27-31 Congressional Ave, QC / 02-2278782

Thanks Enza! <3

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