Chunky Heels!

It's like a hybrid of wedges and stilettos, and it gives you that height, class and comfort.

Chunky Heels!!! This is what I am loving these days... and after perusing, here are my top 5 chunky heels picks that will suit different looks. As you will see, these are pretty basic choices so it's easy to match with any outfit and since we girls have a budget to follow, we have to invest in key pieces (just like the classic LBD).

1. Tan Ankle Strap Heels
Can you believe how many styles this pair managed to squeeze into its look? These are heels, with ankle straps and a T-style at that! And the color is just perfect for any skin tone and just about any outfit, whether it's worn with a knee-length casual dress for a movie night with your boyfie, tied up polo + white shorts for a Saturday stroll at the mall, or with a jersey halter top and washed out jeans, this pair will put the extra oooohhh to that outfit.

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2. Red Suede Chunks
Sometimes the shoes are the outfit, and this pair testifies to that statement. Just the color brings life to any ensemble. And since this is the case, you can tone everything down a bit in terms of hues and shades, but feel free to experiment with textures. Think black leather pants + white sequined top + zebra print clutch.

3. Pink Calf Leather Heels
For those wanting to dance the night away to a formal event soon, this pair will do just the trick. You need not sit yourself down for the most part of the party and this feminine pink-and-silver combination is perfect for a short flowy dress.
4. Animal-print Booties
Yes, even booties are sporting the chunky heels look. Breaking out from the usual colors of black, red, brown and gray, this pair of animal prints will add personality to your outfit, and the chunks the ultra-comfort for walking.

5. Summer wooden heels
Don't these shoes just spell summer?? It's looks so light and you just want to bring out your summer dress or cut-off shorts with it! And only a little more than a month away before summer! :)

So if you want the added inch, without sacrificing comfort, chunky heels is the way to go ;)

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