Pick-Me-Up Brand

Happy with the SMFW photos to prettify the brand a bit :) Thanks to one of my friends, Ryan (owner of the men's clothing brand Timothy Scotch) who took the great photos! I think having a really good shot of the product is half the battle, don't you think? So I pimped the photos a bit to make sure that the brand screams every bit of SMFW - shoes that are customized, ultra-comfy and very affordable.

SMFW Cover Photo

Basics Series

Suede Series

Two-toned Style

It's all very cute-sy patootsy :) But I'm liking it so far because since we also carry kiddie sizes, it's targeting a wider market including those really-young (aka legit) at heart. 

SMFW is turning 1 this Feb! I had no idea it would last this long but it was a good outlet for my marketing frustrations and creative energies. That, and I simply adore shoes! And nothing beats being an advocate of your own product and I do believe in what SMFW offers... because as girls, we have to be kinder to our feet but it doesn't mean we have to be less fashionable and go over budget, right?  <3 SMFW targets young professionals, moms on-the-go and the casual-yet-stylish teens who love experimenting with styles and colors. 

SMFW is still a very small biz, that is why we offer a very competitive price in the online shoe-selling market, so you can rest assure that overhead expenses are not piling up just to be shouldered by our customers in the end. SMFW is a pick-me-up brand, with over 70 swatches to choose from, there is a very wide range of possibilities in making a pair truly your own. 

It makes me real happy when the eyes of the customers widen with excitement as soon as they try on a pair and exclaim "Ang lambot nya!" "Super comfy!" "No break ins!" It's an instant pick-me-up! And when I see them wear it the next time and it's starting to look a bit worn out because they claim that it's now their go-to shoes because of it's comfort! Yaaaay! So thanks so much for all the support and to making this shoebiz experience real fun! Happy Almost-1st birthday to SMFW! Cheers!