Glam Life

Do you guys know Mikka Padua? My friend Belle told me about her (as she worked with her before) and how perfectly Ms. Padua epitomizes the word GLAM. While the name did sound familiar, I really had no idea on who she was.

So I did as Belle told me, I checked Mikka's blog... and true enough, she is indeed the glamorous gal she described. She is happily married with a kid, but her fashion sense and style is so spot on, and even the way she writes so classy, that it's like a welcoming breeze that ushers in all the good vibes in the city. On top of being a mom and a wife, she also designs bags, travels, gives fashion advice...

It's all pretty cool and I do enjoy reading about her life, although when I think about it and ask myself whether I want to be like her, the answer is not really -- I don't really aspire to be a glam girl myself. Yes, I love shoes, clothes and traveling, but I just feel like it's a bit tiring to maintain that kind of lifestyle?

But I guess that's just it, that kind of lifestyle fits them because that's their personality. While they're most comfortable in wearing the classic LBD with sky high heels, gold clutch and a handful of arm candy on their way to an exclusive wine night with the A-List people in Metro, I am most comfortable in a sleeveless top, cardigan, skinny jeans and doll shoes on my way to a movie night with my closest friends.

Although on the other side of the spectrum is this question, am I living too close to home, too close to just-enough that I have completely forgotten that I CAN ACTUALLY live just like them? Hmmm... I will probably go as far with that question as the traveling bit is concerned because that is just me, traveling is something I truly love to do. I remember when I was a kid, Australia and Europe were in my dream list, then fast forward to 10 years and I seemed to have completely forgotten about these two much-farther continents and have resorted to just setting my eyes on Asia.

Who says I can't go to Europe??! Right?

So I think it's a good idea to surround ourselves with people who are enjoying the best of life because it does widen your perspective and it reminds you that IT is possible. And I do like dressing up from time to time and my entire family knows how I enjoy shopping. Just don't take the simplest pleasures in life for granted, in my case -- food carts and tiangge shopping :)

PS. Speaking of the simple pleasures in life, I am cooking something for SMFW's first birthday this Feb, and it's all about taking good care and pampering yourself! I'm super excited about it! More about that soon! <3