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Are you languishing?

The word “languishing” was recently posted by New York Times to give a name to what so many people are feeling these days and I associate it with a dismal feeling of waiting and numbness to what's happening around you. ...and I guess that was what I was feeling for the most part of last year. Yes, there were wins but there was also that feeling of being lost and wondering far too many times gaano-katagal-ba-tayong-ganito? Hello, curveball! Last year was the biggest curveball we have probably ever had to catch in our lifetime… and if you were to ask me how I was by the end of last year, I would tell you that I’m okay. Just okay. Because there are still a lot of questions left unanswered in my head.  When I stepped down from working in the church full-time, I knew I said yes to God, but  I haven’t seen things come full circle even after several months had passed. It hasn't made sense YET. It was only the beginning of this year, that the fragments of last year slowly came together

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