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Myth: Jesus is All You Need to Make a Marriage Work

If you met Dennis and I, then you know how different we are from each other. Our upbringing, our backgrounds, our likes, but one thing stays central and core: Jesus. ...and that really is all you need to have in common before entering a marriage. Correct? Not really. While Dennis and I both love the outdoors, he likes the mountains while I like the beach. He is Bisaya (born in Bukidnon) while I am a Fil-Chi from Manila. Other factors also play a part. I think if you're a Christian and you're rooting for two of your friends in the church, you are bound to hear one party say "Hmm, friend lang talaga tingin ko sakanya eh." "No, I don't see her THAT way..." Dibaaaa... so it means, we are also looking for other qualities aside from the person being a Christian and this is not something to be shy about because this is valid.  Other things play a part and you don't have to belittle these things because also looking at these factors makes marriage smoother

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