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2 Major Lessons of 2021

Hello! Happy 2022, everyone! It's been a pretty wild start of the year, thanks to Omicron. Parang pina-party lang tayo ng Pasko at New Year,  haha! Then after the last firework fired up, almost everyone was nursing a fever, cough, or colds. Our family wasn't exempted. It was Sophia who first caught the colds and cough, then one of her nieces, then it was my turn, then Dennis', then the last one was his younger niece. The virus pretty much just circulated around our home for 2 weeks, but praise God we are all okay now. No symptoms anymore! Cleared! So this is me hoping that everyone is recovering well and that you're in better spirits. I know this is a bit late, but since my last post was last September, I figured I'd do a wrap-up for 2021. It's never too late to look back and reflect on the lessons in the past, right? So I am catching up just to make sure I don't forget whatever lessons were actually under the bittersweet moments of last year. 1. Good days c

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