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Being Preggy

Sometimes I forget that I'm already pregnant, 7 weeks to be exact. Just a few months ago, my mind is circling with worry and bouts of fear of infertility, and now, I have a miracle inside my tummy!

During the praise and worship time awhile ago, I cannot help but be amazed on how good God is! He really is amazing, a good good Father who gives His children the desires of their hearts. So grateful to be a mommy-in-the-making!

Although I must admit, my body surprises me a lot these days. Some days are worse and some days are better. These days are better. Last week, I would stare listlessly at the bread in front of me, contemplating whether my stomach would agree with it or not. I also say no every time my husband offers to cook me breakfast, because even the thought makes me heady and nauseous. And if you know me and my appetite, you would know that this is a major change! Lol! Because people know me as the girl who is constantly hungry and is always on the hunt for snacks. That'…

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