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Akala ko Alam ko na ang Love (Part 3)

Before we got married, Dennis and I attended a marriage prep seminar in church wherein we got to learn about the foundation of marriage and the practical ways to not only make a marriage work but to make it work for God's purposes.

I remember we were running late to the seminar that day and so I was thinking of booking a grab in advanced, but then he suggested that there were many taxis so let’s just hail one instead.

I agreed but in my mind, I knew that my suggestion was better. So later on, when he realized that too, I told him "sabi ko sayo eh..." So imagine when the the topic that day was about wives submitting to their husbands. God really does go before us, huh! :P

And one speaker said that when wives and husbands agree on something, walang sisihan dapat and dapat walang "sabi ko na nga ba eh..." with matching iling pa and tsk tsk tsk in the end...


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