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He says, She says (Part 4)

Here comes the blessed conclusion to our courtship season... Salamat sa pagsubaybay! :P

So this is the part where our courtship season is already coming into an end and we're about to enter a new season of officially becoming a couple...

It was actually a series of affirmations but one affirmation we received was through God's creation.

Kilig from the Lord!

Both Dennis and I are nature lovers so we love these scenes and could not help but thank God for these moments.

God is so sweet to us because He makes our dates that are usually so common peppered with His love and grace. There was one time when we were jogging and it was starting to drizzle but the sun shone eventually and you know what rain and sun creates right? We had a beautiful arched rainbow while we were running around the oval!

There was also a time when we would just talk and we will have the lit fountain all to ourselves because it poured really hard that night and everyone went home and took cover... so when the skies…

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