Saturday, November 12, 2016

Death to Selfie

Recently, I have been stumbling across posts that emphasize one thing: dying to self everyday.

It not only sounds difficult but it truly is difficult.

Wai Jia (I wrote about her before) in one of her blog posts, talked about how we cannot be anything we want to be no matter how great and seemingly harmless that sound. Dreams are not supposed to be as big as we want them to be but should be how God wanted it to be, at His perfect timing, exactly how He wants it.

Rica Bonifacio, on the other hand, talked about the single qualification for a future spouse: he should be able to be willing to die to himself every day.

This podcast by Oscar Muriu during the Every Nation World Conference held in South Africa, reiterated what Paul has been talking about in his letters to the churches those days: every follower of Christ must know and understand in her heart that her life is not hers anymore, but it is Christ's.

After reading Rica's article, I asked myself: Can I really do THAT? I mean everyday? Somehow I began toying with the idea that being a single my whole life may not be such a bad idea after all. Being used to making and owning my own decisions since I graduated from college would mean that I only had to consult myself when it comes to things about my career and what I do with my time and money. It was only when I entered full time ministry, that I really started to consult Jesus even with the smallest details of my life like what would I write about or what would I say to this person when we meet.

So even though I have decided to surrender every single area of my life to Jesus, it is the word DAILY that is key here. To surrender every single area of our lives to Jesus DAILY is what He has asked us to do and that is a never-ending journey and walking in faith.

While it does sound difficult, it also sounds more liberating because our God is a good, mighty and faithful God and He would never leave us. He also has the best plans for us so we know that we will never be at the losing end. We gain something far more valuable and 100x better when we lose something for the sake of Jesus.

So it is the dying to self that is required, and it also the dying to self that at the end of the day liberates us all the more to truly be who we are meant to be.

"I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me." Galatians 2:20

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Punching our way to Fitness

For the past few weeks, Gia and I have been going home with aching shoulders and bruised legs because we have been attending -- get this -- Muay Thai classes. 

Whoa! Yes, I know. The girly-girl in me is totally bewildered by the idea. But that's why I have decided to do it all the more. The idea of being completely helpless when the bad guys (bad guys talaga, sige na nga, guys with bad intentions) choose to steal my purse or hold me at gunpoint scares me more. I mean yes, you got to choose your battles and one's life is more important than her purse or her cellphone... but I want to know that I can at least defend myself when such unfortunate circumstances arise. 

Uy, cheeks! with Gia & Potchy

Friday, November 4, 2016

Cảm ơn, Hanoi!

Here's the last part of our experience in Hanoi! If only I could do this at least once a year, hoping that God would blessed me with more opportunities to go out to the nations :) This is definitely one of the most memorable moments in my life! Clingy-ness and sepanx mode on!

Oct 4 2016

We landed in Manila last night and after zoning out at past 12am this morning, I woke up at 11am giving me almost 11 hours of sleep today! Yahoooo!!!

Days were long in Hanoi. Our team is usually up by 7am for our morning devotion then we would call it a day by 11pm or 12am (pag sobrang kulit namin) after the day’s debriefing. Packed between those hours are spent meeting up with students, engaging them, doing the trainings and events that the church has scheduled.

Days are long but the days came by so fast. Is that ironic?

I was feeling sad the day before we left. Being in a different nation is like being plucked out from your old world and life, then plunging into a world wherein everything is new. Somehow I had a hard time imagining how my life was before THIS. (#FnaF ko ang Hanoi haha!)

Toi La, Joy!

Here's the part 2 of the Hanoi series! Hoping you will be blessed!

Sept 28

So many things have been happening here… a couple of days ago, the team had their Victory Weekend. There were 5 participants which was a stark contrast from the usual 80+ people we used to have in Manila, and yet it was not so much about the number  that made it a different kind of experience but the heart and hunger of these 5 people for God!

We teared up more than once as we pray and minister to them…there was even one point when we cried first before the participants! Nauna pa tlga kaming umiyak! Haha! But we were so touched because we felt God’s heart for the people here… It reminds you of that first encounter you had with Jesus!

There is no such thing as language barrier when the Spirit of God moves… When God reveals Himself to His people, He penetrates and goes straight to their hearts and minds.

There are more than a few times when we are amazed on just how the leaders understood the gospel. That was one of our worries, the language barrier… how do we explain grace, faith and power to them? How do we say and translate these intangible things to them without watering down what it means?

But when God equips us, He equips us with power.

When the Spirit of God moves, the gospel is unstoppable.

Just open your mouth and let the words flow, just lay your hands on them and let the Spirit of God do its work. It’s not about our adequacy, fluency and skills that will transform people. It will be because of Jesus and His all-powerful nature.

Thank you Jesus because it is with your might and power that these things are happening in Hanoi.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Turning 29

Celebrated my 29th birthday two weeks ago and hey look at that, I didn't even had to think twice about putting in my age! Haha!

I don't know what it is about 29, and while it's my last year to say that I'm in my late 20's, it's also the time where you just care less more (did I confuse you with those 2 words?)...

One of my friends asked me how old I was, to which I answered 29. and she joked to say, "dibale nasa kalendaryo ka pa!" This may have come off as offensive to me months ago but I just smiled and said "Si Lord na bahala" knowing for certain na Siya na talaga bahala.

I guess, being at this age means that you get to see so much of God's goodness already that everything that happened and will happen in the future -- you are able to trust God for. I have seen Him come through so many times already, and I know that He has my present and future in His trustworthy hands.

This has also been the most no-fuss birthday ever -- a simple dinner with my family was all I had planned for my birthday and treating the A-team to ice cream after lunch the next day were my birthday plans. :)